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Unexpected turn of events…

My second attempt at writing a blog, I begin toying with the idea that perhaps I should provide some information useful to other CLPs beyond the immediate short term humor I hopefully provided last time (my last blog was regarding TV series). My thoughts linger on recent events, and take a turn to perhaps divulge some key information that may prove to be instructive and comforting if reoccurrence of these proceedings were to happen to another CLP associate. 

The year was 2014 and I had experienced change at its best in GE Oil & Gas. Coming to an end of a full rotation (my first), I felt the pressures of wondering whether submitting my project on time was going to be a truly realistic and achievable goal. My first rotation was with a team of five (5) x individuals serving as the ITO team in Subsea Services in Australia. Already knowledgeable that one of our members decided to leave and take up an offer she/he couldn’t refuse; our team was down to four (4) x competent individuals all mourning the loss of a great team member. However, as we all learn, GE marches on and harsh words are struck and ring on the ears of the remaining crew: “no individual is indispensable”. Not sure how much of this is the aftermath of Jack Welch, however, it is ingrained in the culture that although GE relies on the people to get things done (due to lack of processes), we rally on even in their absence.

To an extent all of this was kind of senseless, no relevance in everyday duties, and I continued learning and contributing to the team as if nothing had changed – I was not experiencing anything that I didn’t expect or did expect since I was new. My thoughts, this is the process, this is how things work at GE.

Unsure of so many things, as we all are in a new environment, there is no formal process in place for everything (maybe some things). To my surprise, new revelations came to light when I arrived at the office one day, completely startled to hear that my assignment leader had just resigned, and luckily for me, right at the end of my rotation. This proved a challenging task. The new requirement was to quickly find a new temporary assignment leader to help out with end of rotation EMS close outs (not that I knew I had to find a new assignment leader, just what I had gathered). With a freeze on headcount, our team was down from five (5) to two (2), and the potential for people to focus on EMS was at its lowest. Work did come to a stand-still as much as we dislike or refuse to admit it – my assignment leader was a key player in the whole team. Of course, being GE, it was only for a couple of hours, till team members stepped up and meetings were held, new ideas were formed, new processes were discussed and agreed.

As a meeting with Visal Leng, Senior Executive GE Oil & Gas Asia Pacific Region, proved my first instincts, you cannot expect to have all the information provided to you and there is definitely times where you will need to figure out your own process. There will be situations that arise where no-one tells you what to do or what is required... you have to find that out on your own. GE offers positions where no manual is provided, but in the end, the positive message is that a lack of instruction means a lack of restrictions on what you want to do and how you want to contribute to GE. And that sums up opportunity right there, you can push yourself in the various directions that you wish. The option is there for you to grow where, how, and in what you want.


Written by: Castaldi Meili (O&G, AUS)

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