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First global CLP summit will be in Shanghai this year!

The 1st CLP global summit will be in Shanghai, China this year and it’s scheduled in September. It’s such an exciting event to be in a small earth village. CLPs from all over the world will be gathered together to enjoy the 5-day training.

Recently CLP digital tools team initiated a discussion on linkedin to ask CLPs to describe the reason why they want to be on board in 3 words. We received a very warm feedback. Among all the diverse and genuine answers, we see the word “training” and “networking” are mentioned most. This year’s CLP summit is a perfect time to combine training and network at the same time. We can both strengthen our ability and expand our connections with CLPs from other countries. Even though we all in commercial functions, our roles are quite different. We have CLPs in commercial operations, engineering, sales, marketing, OTR etc. Just thinking about the diversity and experience sharing has already made it a memorable event. Plus these CLPs are from all over the world, speaking different
languages and having different cultural background. Isn’t it great?!

Shanghai is one of the most convenient and vivid city in China. For foreigners you won’t even feel lonely walking around in the street. Night Shanghai is the most beautiful time of the day. Like any other big cities in the world, Shanghai has modern and fashion elements everywhere. While unlike these cities, Shanghai has her unique side. There is a river running through the whole city and naturally divides it into 2 parts, the east and the west. The west part of shanghai is more of an old traditional lady with stories to tell, while the west is more like a young, energetic girl enjoys herself in an international environment.

Beijing is another cool city in China. It enjoys so many years of history for being the oldest capital city in the world and so many traditional buildings. It is home to the headquarters of most of China's largest state-owned companies, while Shanghia is home to the headquarters of most of foreign companies. Guess that’s why our GE China’s headquarter located in Shanghai. CLP Digital tools team will share more shanghai & China’s stories and even will teach some Chinese words on our Facebook page. Please go and check it! If you have any questions about the summit, the location etc, just leave your message on our facebook page!

Last time when we had CLP summit in Shanghai, even though there are only CLPs from Asia, Europe & Africa, the summit is already unforgettable. I believe this time it’ll be even more interesting and great. Looking forward to it!

Written by: Jessica Cheng (GGO/Shanghai, China)

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