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CLP Summit 2012 Day 1

The CLP Summit 2012 kicked off to a great start!  Melissa Schoennagel, BPM of the Capital CLP,  opened the day setting the expectations for the week. In the ballroom, we were 84 CLPs representing 6 different GE businesses: Capital, Healthcare, Energy, Transportation, Intelligent Platforms and GGO. Looking at the room, we could realize what an amazing opportunity we are having to network and meet the future leaders of GE!

Melissa highlighted how our program is really a career accelerator, providing us  Impact, Exposure and Training.

We also had the chance to learn more about the businesses programs, hearing from the BPMs attending the conference.

Nicole Phipps gave us an overview about Healthcare, followed by Jeff Bartolleti from Intelligent Platforms, Maria Iragorri representing Energy and Melissa came back to talk about the new CLP from GE Capital.

We also had CLPs on the stage! We were introduced to the Healthahead Challenge and the CIT groups.

Alysha, Lu, Annie, Carter, Garrett, Jake and Sarah, woke us up with some stretching and presenting the Healthahead challenge for this week.

And closing the introductions part, Garrett and Bhavika, introduced the Core Initiatives Team and presented the open opportunities. If you haven’t decided yet which initiative to join, reach out to any CIT member to ask any question and know more about the initiative.

In the afternoon session, we had the opportunity to learn about Enterprise Profitability. Instead of listening to lectures about numbers all day, we learned about customer insight, assessing competition, and go to market strategies by doing it. The competitive, interactive simulation was a great way for us to gain insight into areas such as the challenges of our clients, how a business makes a profit, and how decisions lead to success or failure. We were truly able to see what it’s like to run a business!

Some key takeaways from the session were:

  • The importance (and difficulty) of maintaining high market share once you obtain it
  • Balancing pressures from internal and external sources, such as stakeholders demanding retained earnings and the IRS
  • Competing in a commodity market is tough! (Glad we are mostly in value based businesses!)
  • Invest big and invest early
  • Cash is King!
  • Be strategic about the deals you pursue

Overall the Enterprise Profitability session provided us with a fun, collaborative environment to acquire key financial and profitability concepts which will help us to be better future commercial leaders within GE.

And after a long day, the Healthahead Challenge started! We could see CLPs all over the Hilton area: running, playing Frisbee and working out with Body Rock.

And this is only the beginning!

Writers: Ana Martins, Amanda Wood US Healthcare CLPs


CLP Summit: Best Week of Your Life!

Welcome to CLP SUMMIT 2012!  This week will be an exciting week of networking, professional exercises, team building activities, skill set growth, project management design, and leadership classes… Everything you need to help you accelerate your career at GE!

During these next few days, we hope you will take advantage of the resources that will be given to you, LEARN and, of course, HAVE FUN!  Although there are many valuable attributes of the CLP summit that contribute to this dynamic week of events, one of the most important benefits we hope you will find is the formation of new contacts and professional relationships.  CLPs are at an advantage becasue they have the opportunity to build a strong and varied network across GE, so make the most of your time with your CLP colleagues and mentors!

Take a look at last year’s summit pictures on our Facebook site and join the conversation on Twitter @GE_CLP! Enjoy!


Global Growth & Operations CLP in a Nutshell

GG&O CLPs in Latin America are encouraged to take assignments across GE businesses. This allows CLPs to experience different environments and operations within the region, develop a global understanding of GE, and learn the best practices.
For rotations, HR aims to place each CLP in a completely different business and assignment role every six months. Although we are under the GG&O structure, all CLPs have a sponsor - a GE business unit that initially hired us and will be responsible for our positioning when we graduate.
As a Healthcare-sponsored CLP, I did my first assignment in Pricing & Margin Control for Healthcare. During this six month period, I gained a clear understanding of GEHC’s portfolio, commercial operations and financials.
For my second assignment I joined the GG&O Commercial Development team. In this rotation, I learned a great deal about GE business strategies and developed a better global understanding of GE.
My third (and current) rotation is in GE Water where I am developing and implementing a Customer Loyalty Plan. This assignment provides customer interacting and is, developing my customer-oriented thinking and understanding of service quality and delivery.
GG&O CLPs are exposed to a wide array of industries and people for the purpose of allowing us to share that knowledge as we switch between businesses. Although the rotations and assignments are not set in stone when we join the program, the tasks and roles for each rotation are carefully planned to ensure all CLPs develop the necessary skillset for a leadership role.



Alumni Spotlight: Deborah Knapp

Deb started her career 25 years ago in the Commercial Leadership Program. Duringher 18 months on program, she was the only female in a class of three. She is currently the Northeast Zone (US) GM for Healthcare IT.

Q: Which aspects of CLP have you found most valuable?
A: The network I built with my peers was invaluable. There are many people I met 25 years ago with whom I still have great relationships. Another valuable aspect of CLP is the exposure and level of confidence the company puts into you. GE gives you a pretty big opportunity when you’re still pretty green. It is both a privilege and a responsibility.
Q: What was your biggest challenge coming off program?
A: Coming off program, I still did not feel confident in my product knowledge. I took the initiative to reach out to a couple of customers to learn from them. Don’t be afraid to say you don’t know something; it will go a long way. Don’t be nervous, don’t be shy, and continue to seek opportunities to learn. our offerings from competition to gain market share.
Q: What advice do you have for current CLPs?
A: Spend a lot of time becoming an expert in your product because that is where you can start to differentiate yourself. Always strive to be the best at your current position. Take advantage of your peers and take advantage of the 18 month investment. A couple years ago Jeff Immelt said, “You have to go deep before you can go broad.” Take this time to become an expert. Always build your network
and pay it forward. Do favors for people—you never know when someone will pop up 10 years later and say they can do a favor for you. There’s always someone you can help.

FOOD OR SCIENCE: What are you cooking up?

GE is an endless resource of opportunity, filled with exciting projects and events both inside and outside of the office. Our experience as CLPs hinges on how we utilize what GE has to offer. Recently, Anna Prusch, a fellow CLP, and I were involved with GE volunteers, a global organization that engages employees to give back to the community. Our first event was “Guest Chef” at the Chestnut Street Ronald McDonald House in Philadelphia, PA. The “Guest Chef” event consisted of developing a menu, purchasing the food, preparing and serving the meal to over 60 individuals in the Ronald McDonald House dining room. Cooperatively with 15 other GE colleagues, we had an opportunity to network, have an engaging evening, give back to others, and enjoy a fantastic meal.
Our counterparts out in Woodlands, TX, have also been getting involved. Derek Kruger and Jordan Repsher jumped at an opportunity to support the local science fair. The Sci://Tech science fair is the largest in the state and the 4th largest in the nation. With an attendance of 6,500 students, Derek and Jordan, along with 6 other GE employees, tackled the challenge of individually judging 15 students’ projects. For both of them, it was an opportunity to make a difference, support the growth and education of dedicated students, and network with other GE colleagues. Free food, wonderful company, and the opportunity to give back, what more can you ask for? Make the best of every opportunity and get involved.