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GE Healthcare CLPs in China

The Commercial Leadership Program at GE Healthcare is quite young in China. Established in 2009, we have 3 grades of 30 CLP fellows who have been assigned throughout the business. GEHC has various business opportunities offering rotations that cover most P&Ls and sales and marketing functions. Through a combination of efforts from the management team, self-driven growth, and broad exposure, the CLPs have achieved a great reputation within the company in China.
China business environment is tied to its history and culture.  For example, China is typically a government-driven market for health care. Because government-sponsored hospitals play an important role, GEHC has established Government Relations (GR) and Provincial Government Projects (PGP) for managing this relationship.  CLP is also involved in several GR projects and events.
Another example is the business potential resulting from the rapid growth of the economy. China has a greater demand for better healthcare. Thus, the previous un-covered hospitals (75% of the existing hospitals) have become a blue ocean, and GE is now playing a dominant role in the market. Most of the CLPs are dedicating themselves to this trend of building the company’s penetration in this market.
With the growth of the business, China CLPs have more opportunities to understand the markets and business, providing some CLPs the chance for leadership roles after graduation. CLPs in China are delivering business performance and developing passions for different fields. With business expansion and CLP impact, we are now embracing the next grade of 30 CLPs. Our team is becoming stronger and more mature.
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